IFRT Offline Series Rules and Formats

For this 1st Offline series it will be a 3 week test and tune series. Hoping it answers everybodies questions and gets all the bugs worked out before the Official series starts. All the tracks in this test and tune are game tracks.

What you need to do:

1a- 1st download the series file off of the TEAM-IFRT site. Unzip it and open the folder. Inside you will find folders for the cars, skins, series, and tracks (if there are any add on tracks for that particular series). What to do with each folder will be explained below. (This line was added on 4/24/2012).

1- Create a folder in data named "series" minus the quotes.

2- Drag or copy and paste the series folder you downloaded and place it in there. Possible names will be , IFRT Sprint Series or IFRT Late Model Series. This has been updated and changed. This will be how it is done from now on. Trying to make it easier to instal the series files. YOU NEED THE WHOLE FOLDER, NOT JUST THE FILE INSIDE!

3- Copy all 50 IFRT skins and place them in the skins folder. DO NOT JUST COPY THE SKINS FOLDER. YOU MUST OPEN THE SERIES SKINS FOLDER AND COPY AND PASTE THE SKINS INSIDE IT TO THE GAME SKINS FOLDER. You can have your own skin and put it in the skin folder too.

4- Start game and click on single player, then new career, when prompted type your name as chimchim then hit continue, where it said player it will now say chimchim and you can type your real race name. chimchim is a crack code to give you lots of money to upgrade your car to the max. Dont forget to do this

5- Set number of opponenets to large.

6- Set opponents diffculty to pro.

7- Set handling to pro.

8- Set Race length to full. Make sure you have damage and yellow flags turned off.

9- Next screen choose IFRT Sprints or Gen. 3 LM, (whichever series you will be running) as car class, and choose your skin/car and purchase car.

10- Next screen go to car options then parts and upgrade everything on the screen. This is what chimchim does for you. gives you a million dollars to spend.WHEN PURCHASING PARTS MAKE SURE YOU HIT PURCHASE AFTER ADDING THE PART. IF YOU DONT PURCHASE ALL THE PARTS AVAIABLE YOU WILL BE VERY SLOW.

11- Now click "Race" and enter series. From the list choose which series you will be running.

12- You race the hots, heats and mains. You can race these as many times as you want. Just dont save career, or go onto the next race. Race the event as much as you want until your sastified with your TRT.

13- At the quick race result screen (last screen before you choose next race) press F12 for a screen shot. This should save to youre c drive. Again if your not sastified with your TRT then x out without saving and rerun the event until your sastified with the TRT. CHECK ON FORUMS FOR PROBLEMS AND RESOLVED PROBLEMS ON TAKING SCREENSHOTS. SAVE AS .JPG FILES IF POSSIBLE. YOU MUST HAVE PAINT SHOP PRO TO CHANGE THE .TGA FILE TO.JPG. IF YOU CANT CHANGE IT TO .JPG UPLOAD THE .TGA FILE AND WE WILL CHANGE IT FOR YOU .

14- Post your quick race screen shot on the IFRT forums in the proper thread. All screen shots must be posted by midnight, sunday's. The next track begins at 12:01 AM Monday.WE ARE GOING TO ALLOW A MAXIMUM OF 2 SCREEN SHOT POSTS PER WEEK!!!! This way if you post early and somebody beats you you have a chance to do better... but only 2 posts per week!!!!

15- Points will be awarded from the fastest TRT to the slowest. If there is a tie on TRT then the 1st tie breaker will be fastest lap, If there is a tie of TRT and fastest lap then the final tie breaker will be the driver who posted their screenshot 1st will be the winner of the spot.