History of Team-IFRT

This team started for a few good reasons. One was a lack of a certain quality in a team. The lack of fun and good clean drivers, and all the quality of a well run machine. Bennett and i got together in hopes to start a team that stood out beyond normal expectations of a racing team. It took alot of time, thought and energy into making the right choices in what we wanted and what our main goal was to accomplish. And here you go what we decided on that we were looking for, was a team, maybe not the most fast racers, but certainly the most clean, friendly, and outgoing ones. But here is where we will stand out among the rest: Yes there is 1 main captain and 2 co-captains of this team, but your opinion counts. We will take votes and then make our decisions on these results. This will truely be a team effort. It will not be unfairly run, and we will give everyone an oppurnity to have their chance to speak out, with no biased decisions. EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION AND EVERYONES COUNTS! GOT AN IDEA...SHARE IT! WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW....JUST ASK! We hope with alot of effort and team work we can make this one of the best teams and leagues that ever took place. We cant do it alone this is why we ask each of our mambers to speak freely. ONE THING YOU CAN COUNT ON US FOR IS COMPLETE FAIRNESS. So if you are a clean racer,outgoing,and friendly and have a love for this sport as we do then please go to our join team page and sign up for your practice run with the captains to determine if you have what it takes to be an IFRT member. It is now 2004 and we have been around for 4 years. Alot of guys have come and gone. But the core of our team remains and the beliefs that started us remain. This team has transformed itself from just a race team into a race family. We have get togethers..watch each others backs and help 1 another when possible. It has been an awesome experince with each driver that is here today, the past drivers which i can still call my friends and the new drivers we are yet to meet. Many have said "IFRT for life" and im beggining to believe it!!!! Hopefully anyone who reads this and decides to try running with us wont be disappointed. We work very hard to put on the best possible races and leagues every night and week. Over the years rules and games have changed. I understand more clearly now how demanding life has become for many of us and have tried to adjust the rules accordingly. If you cant make a race you will be awarded provisional points if you have run 1 race. If you start in the middle of the season you will be awarded provisional points for races you have missed. Bottom line is race when you can show up when you can ....you will always be welcome here.
Thanks!!! IFRT-Farmer